In this chilling and inventive documentary, executive produced by Werner Herzog, Errol Morris and André Singer, the unrepentant former members of Indonesian death squads are challenged to re-enact some of their many murders in the style of the American movies they love.

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The Act of Killing


@IanDunt If you watch the uncut version of the film on DVD/BluRay it comes with a director's commentary, explaining the shooting conditions 1411241172 · reply · retweet · favorite

@IanDunt When you can, see Joshua's new film, @lookofsilence. 1411237289 · reply · retweet · favorite

@IanDunt and pay the shopkeepers back. Joshua's crew was almost entirely composed of survivors and Indonesian human rights activists. 1411237283 · reply · retweet · favorite

@IanDunt To film the scene where Safit extorts Chinese shopkeepers, Joshua had to explain to each shopkeeper his real intentions making film 1411237207 · reply · retweet · favorite

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